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No matter the subject, we can help

Advanced Learning Centre offers innovative programs for Secondary school students. During the course of each session, students receive a complete and thorough introduction to the particular concept being studied, before progressing to deeper learning. At Advanced Learning Centre, not only do we cater for individual styles of learning, but we have experts on hand to assist your child in all subject areas.

Advanced Learning Centre can also provide assessment and exam preparation. 


Does your child need assistance with essay writing, reading comprehension or creative writing? Our popular Secondary English program will help. Our qualified teachers make tuition relevant and our High School English and Writing classes will make a real difference to your child’s success at school.

Mathematics and Science

Advanced Learning Centre’s secondary maths and science teachers are specialists in supporting students with a wide range of abilities and interests. With a focus on meeting individual needs and ensuring that students develop the confidence and competence for success, our high school maths and science tuition programs are offered on a private and small group basis to students in Years 7-12.

At Advanced Learning Centre, we believe that it is not enough for students to be able to perform mathematical operations or memorise facts, which is why we teach mathematical thinking, which includes the ability to recall the operations. Mathematical concepts are extremely difficult to understand and retain unless students learn why, when and how to apply them - we ensure that students completely understand previous concepts before moving onto the next topic, ensuring that we are building on prior knowledge at all times.

In addition, we are also aware of what each child is currently studying in class, and use that often as a starting point. This increases students’ confidence in their abilities, allowing them to attend their next class feeling motivated to learn.

Secondary maths, chemistry, physics and biology tuition are popular services at Advanced Learning Centre and due to the individual nature of classes, places are limited.