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Improving literacy and numeracy the fun way

At Advanced Learning Centre, students can brush-up on their English and Maths skills in a fun, interactive and interesting environment.  Our knowledgeable teachers design and deliver interesting lessons that encourage and support students, providing them with a sound foundation for better understanding and improved results in class and homework.  All classes are either individual or small group sessions and teachers encourage questioning and discussion to ensure learning develops and confidence grows.

Our popular literacy sessions are designed to help improve spelling, reading, writing and comprehension skills, including, creative writing, grammar and expressive skills.

Maths is fun at Advanced Learning Centre! Our individual and small group classes focus on the skills and competencies covered by each stage of the NSW primary syllabus, with each session building on a solid foundation in all areas of mathematics including number operations, space and geometry, measurement and data. Best of all our teachers take time to understand what each student needs help with and explain all concepts in a way that your child will understand.