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Supportive learning environment

Advanced Learning Centre is passionate about and committed to developing an environment where students are empowered to learn in a way which supports the learning taking place in classroom settings.
We offer a range of services and specialise in the development of individually tailored educational programs, designed to compliment student’s specific subject, syllabus or curriculum, with scope for extension or corrective work when required. Currently, tuition is delivered in either an individual or small group setting, in an environment that is fun, friendly and family oriented. Our students are encouraged to ask questions, discuss ideas and clarify individual concerns, allowing them to fully grasp key concepts.

We understand that each student is different and learns differently, and aim to develop an educational plan specific to their goals, stage of development and the way they learn. We believe this increases self-confidence and motivation, and is the key to success.  This is why we strive to find the right ‘fit’ for our students either from our broad range of high quality teaching services, or a tailored made program specific to the child’s needs. After all, one approach does not give way to results for all.

And with our services being utilised locally here in Wagga Wagga, and across Sydney, Albury and Melbourne through online Skype tutorials and holiday intensive programs, our students are seeing results.  But don’t take our word for it, our testimonials speak for themselves.