• Learning is fun at Advanced Learning Centre Wagga Wagga

  • Secondary tuition available at Advanced Learning Centre

  • Primary tuition is available at Advanced Learning Centre

  • Homework help for students and parents at Advanced Learning Centre

  • Exam and assignment techniques is available at Advanced Learning Centre

  • One-on-one teaching is available at Advanced Learning Centre.

Highly qualified and professional teachers

Students are taught by experienced Primary and Secondary educators, many of whom are authors of textbooks, writers and markers of HSC examinations, members of exam committees and syllabus curriculum writers for a wide range of subjects.

Our team is carefully selected on the merits of their academic and professional achievements, and with consideration to their communication skills. Our reputation is based on the strength of these communication skills, coupled with strong subject expertise – Our teachers are renowned for explaining concepts in a manner that students find very easy to understand!

We understand that each student is different and learns differently, and our teachers aim to develop a plan that suits each individual, their goals and the way they learn. We believe this is the key to learning and increased confidence.